Alloy 6061 ULTRA-LIGHT Weight CNC 3 Bearing Sealed Anti-slip Bike Pedals

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  • 1. Strengthened & DURABLE MATERIAL: Pedal body is made of CNC machined aluminum alloy 6061, Cr-Mo steel axle, 9/16 inch standard spindles, suitable for most of most of mountain bikes, MTB, road bikes, urban bikes, BMX bikes, fixie bike etc.
  • 2.Appearance: Strengthen the structure while reducing weight Matte surface technology, aluminum alloy tube spliced in the middle, richer colors and brighter.
  • 3. ULTRA-LIGHT WEIGHT: with special design,less than 6 OZ per pedal
  • 4.GREAT GRIPS: New style of reverse installation anti-skip nails, each side of pedal with 16 pins, provide a strong grips make the cycling safer.
  • 5.SMOOTH BEARINGS: 3 SEALED BEARINGS, excellent for long distance riding. Performance Guaranty !
  • 6.EASY INSTALLATION: Using 8mm hexagon installation and removal, L for left pedal, R for right pedal.

Customer Reviews

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Baylee Bruen

Seem like good pedals. Good grip Light Weight. Only time will tell as to how long they will last.

Kelly Beier

Nice pedals for the price!

Janis Altenwerth

I got silver ones. They actually look pretty good on my Trek mountain bike.

Emmett Beer

Beautiful pedals, Cool design!

Makayla Welch

Fast Shipping ! Great quality product! Recommend